Plenary Speakers

Bernard Ross to Headline Best Conference in the West

You want inspiration and insight? Are you ready to transform your non profit’s performance?

If so, you won’t want to miss Banff Compass 2017, featuring one of our sector’s most sought-after speakers, Bernard Ross. He will launch the conference with an opening plenary on Big Ideas in Fundraising and Strategy, and offer sessions throughout our two-day event.

Opening Plenary:

Martha Schumacher – CFRE, ACFRE, MInstF(AdvDip)

President, Hazen Inc.

Challenging Conversations in a Changing Philanthropic Landscape

Mission Impact. That is what today’s savvy philanthropists are looking for, and it is our job to deliver. But what does mission impact really mean? And how do we exceed top philanthropic investors’ expectations without sliding into mission creep and diverting limited staff resources for maximum donor-centric management?

Attend this interactive session to learn the tools and techniques for having challenging yet effective conversations with your donors in an ever-evolving economic, social and change management climate. Take-aways will include mission impact statement samples and practicing a challenging conversation with a seasoned philanthropist.



Bernard Ross

Director, The Management Centre

Red Ocean Blue Ocean, Thinking and Leading Differently

Thinking about your strategy you need to decide whether you want to operate competing with other charities as best you can – red ocean – or instead to create a whole new space for yourself where the competition is irrelevant- blue ocean.
In this session we’ll explore the difference between these strategic approaches- which have influenced how some of the world’s largest charities from MSF to UNICEF and Kiva have decided to apply this exciting radical approach. In an interactive session we’ll cover:

• Distinguishing Red Ocean and Blue Ocean (ROBO) approaches
• How companies from Cirque du Soleil to Apple have used ROBO
• Turning ‘logic’ inside out: learning to focus on non-donors rather than donors
• Creating a breakthrough value proposition
• Using innovation as a means to drive blue ocean
• You’ll learn some key tools to decide where to position yourself.



Experts in Social Enterprise Panel Discussion

with Jill Andres (Creating Value Inc.), Tracey Wood (Agents of Change), Hannah Cree (ATB Financial), and others. Facilitated by Angie Gelinas.

Thriving with Unlikely Alliances – Market-Based Social Enterprise

Panel discussion about the evolving role of market-based social enterprise within the social economy and our community. How does the not-for-profit sector partner with these kinds of organizations, and what might it portend for for the future of fundraising?

The panel will include Jill Andres, Change Maker in Residence at Mount Royal University and Principal with Creating Value; Hannah Cree, Social Entrepreneurship Specialist, ATB and co-founder of social enterprise COMMONGOOD; Andrea McManus, Partner, Vitreo, CFRE, Chair of AFP Canada Government Relations Committee; and Tracey Wood, Co-Founder and CEO of Calgary based social enterprise Agents of Change.

The panel will be moderated by Angie Gélinas, Agents of Change – Partnerships and Collaborations Scout.


Vu Le & Rainier Valley Corps

A Conversation on Non-Donor-Centred Fundraising

With times being uncertain, the charitable sector must reexamine its role in the world, as well as many of its philosophies and practices. Fundraisers have been trained in best practices, including donor-centrism. But many of the things we have been taught may not work in light of changing demographics. To address the incoming storm, we must examine fundraising through the lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion and move toward a more inclusive community-centric model. Vu Le, writer behind and director of Seattle-based social justice organization Rainier Valley Corps, will deliver an entertaining and provocative talk. You may not agree with everything he says, but you’ll leave with lots of think about.


Closing Plenary:

Tony Myers, CFRE, Ph.D., M.A., LL.B.

Principal & Senior Counsel, Myers & Associates

The Magic of Thinking Big